Remove Stumps of All Shapes and Sizes

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Busy Beaver Stump Removal, Inc. makes it easy to remove stumps around your yard in a safe manner. We'll come out to your property to assess the wires, sewer lines and sprinklers that may sit nearby to make sure we won't have any safety hazards or obstacles. You can trust us because we have 15 years of specialized stump removal experience.

To request a free estimate for same-day tree stump removal in Largo, Clearwater and the Greater Central Florida Area, call Busy Beaver Stump Removal now.

3 benefits of tree stump grinding services

3 benefits of tree stump grinding services

Have you ever considered hiring a professional to grind your stumps to the ground? Busy Beaver Stump Removal can make your ugly stumps disappear in one day. You may consider stump grinding to:

  1. Reduce the risk of spreading fungi to other trees.
  2. Remove tripping hazards around your property.
  3. Avoid termites, ants, and other critters and insects from making a home in your old stump

We can even remove fresh stumps from recent tree removal services. Make an appointment for tree stump grinding in the Largo and Clearwater, FL area today. Call 727-687-1883 to get started.